Gemma Bishop London


Hello, I’m Gem the brand owner of Gemma Bishop London, Im passionate about creating a lifestyle brand that will be apart of your life now and in the future.

I hand make all the unique accessories seen across my brand using the best quality materials I can get my hands on. It all started with women’s accessories in 2010 designing a set a bangles that got featured in ‘Grazia magazine’. Since then and after many challenging jobs in the fashion industry I went full time with my brand in the summer of 2020 a very difficult and testing time due to the pandemic yet I found myself inspired to spread happiness to you all through my creations. The categories grew quickly and I went from designing bangles and headbands to face masks which protected you and your loved ones. My brand now houses Kids, Home and even an Interior Design creative service which I run for those seeking inspiration for their spaces and businesses. 

My skills and expertise in designing are from training for 6 years at the prestigious London College of Fashion, going on to complete a 1st Class BA Hon’s at University College For The Creative Arts. These years spent studying gave me the foundations to build my brand upon.

The inspirations behind many of the collections come from past travels mainly to our family home in Spain, but also to far flung locations such as Mauritius and the Caribbean where I spent many summers running around in bright colourful bikinis with matching beach bows, I loved the feeling of wearing beautiful accessories with my favourite summer outfit. 

My Kids Collections have staple headbands for your little ones such as the ‘original GBL’ which is a silk satin bow set on a matching band it comes in an array of juicy colours and is simple in design yet playful in colour. A headband like this can be worn alongside any look maybe your little one is having a zoom party or tour heading to the park to enjoy the outdoor space, ether way my headbands can be worn alongside any outfit.

If the ‘Original GBL’ headband is on the safe side for you then the rainbow is a perfect alternative, a pick me up accessory. Inspired by last years events in the world I wanted to spread some happiness to your little ones in doing so I created the Rainbow and its set to stay into summer 2021. Each headband is unique in the colours used to create a rainbow making them even more individual.

Designing and hand making all my designs was a dream I had from a young age, I used to doodle on my nan’s white board calling my brand ‘blueshay’ (don’t ask me where that name came from and as you can see I did not keep it going forward). When I soon realised I had the skills to match my dream I decided I would one day have my own brand and I would stay true to my identity and call it my name ‘Gemma Bishop London’ I added London on as I researched designers and found that they would add the city that they started there brand in to resonate with customers more.

Kids Life Clothing is my first kids online account who I sell my designs too, as soon as I heard that Carlene was mixing designer brands with small businesses I knew it would be a perfect match for Gemma Bishop London. I love her enthusiasm and the energy she has for her business, it feels great to be apart of Kids Life Clothing.


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