How to have a KIDS LIFE CLOTHING Christmas

Christmas in 2020 for everyone will go down in the history books,

so lets help make it special even if some of us are in lockdown.

Carlene Phillips

Christmas 2020

Christmas is approaching which means a festive period of lots of fun!

This is a time family come together and enjoy delicious food and drink, lots of games and most importantly presents from Santa! So here are just a few ways of how to get ready for Christmas with KIDS LIFE CLOTHING.

1. Creating a Christmas playlist

Christmas time is all about playing Christmas songs! So, make sure you create a jam-packed Christmas playlist with all the classic songs for yourself and the kids to enjoy too. Who doesn’t want to sing and dance all Christmas day to their favourite songs?

Get the family involved in making one big Christmas playlist as this allows everyone to contribute and makes sure that everyone’s favourite songs are included.

If you’re struggling to make your own playlist there are many to choose from on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music!

2. Christmas outfit theme.

As a family why don’t you choose an outfit theme for Christmas this year?

This could be a particular colour or pattern! Maybe you could get everyone to dress up in the colour red or white.

Most importantly don’t forget to take pictures!

Christmas is all about making memories so take as many silly pictures as possible and keep them in a box or scrapbook so you can all look back at the pictures you have taken every year as a family.

3. Family games and activities

During Christmas it is popular to play different family games and activities where everyone can get involved and create memories! Here are just a few ideas you can do with your family this Christmas to ensure that everyone has fun and has a memorable Christmas!

Christmas dance freeze: this is an easy but fun game to keep the whole family entertained! Put your Christmas playlist on and geteveryone dancing, then without warning stop the music and shout “freeze!” Whoever is the last to stop is out. Keep playing until there is a winner. You could award a small stocking filler present or dessert!

Candy cane hunt: if you have any candy canes or any small Christmas related items then hide them around the house and see how fast everyone can find them. The person with the most candy canes at the end is the winner!

Christmas charades or Pictionary: This is a fun and easy game to get the whole family engaged. Use Christmas movie titles, songs, objects and themes to act out to stay in the Christmas spirit.

4. Food, food and food!

Christmas time is definitely about gathering together as a family and eating a feast. Get the family involved when preparing the Christmas dinner, get the children to help you lay the table. Make it a fun and safe experience for the children to get involved so that they feel like they have contributed to the family dinner for Christmas!

Most importantly enjoy your meal as a family, sing songs, talk about everything Christmas related!

5. Have a cocktail or three and mocktails for the kids.

As well as enjoying amazing food treat yourself to one two or even three festive cocktails. A few popular ones during Christmas that you can try out are Glühwein, Christmas godfather cocktail and the mulled wine with elderflower.

You also want to get the children involved so a great way would be to make some cocktails for the children so they can enjoy a nice drink as a family too.

6. Stocking fillers

Stocking fillers are always great to have as they can be given to the children before the bigger presents arrive.

A KIDS LIFE CLOTHING gift card is a great way, to still give a present and allow the children to pick what they want.

7. Plan a big breakfast, keep those stomachs full.

Preparing for Christmas can be tiring so it is important the children are fed a big breakfast on the day so that they are full which allows the adults to get ahead with preparing for the day and ensuring that everything is ready on time.

These are just a few ways you can have a great Christmas with KIDS LIFE CLOTHING.

As this year has not gone to plan for many people, it is important to have an amazing Christmas and enjoy it. Enjoy the presents, the food, drink, games and laughter that will come with it.

Have a Merry Christmas

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